[quote]We’ve been shooting for Dangee Dums for about two years now, and I must say, its been a delicious experience. Apart from the designer cakes section most of the images on the website www.dangeedums.com were shot and edited by us.[/quote]

Sizzling Brownie from Dangee Dums | Drrave.com

It’s an ongoing relation of creation and capturing those tasty masterpieces, the latest being the ‘Designer Cupcakes’.

Cupcakes from Dangee Dums
No doubt, the quality and materials used to create their products are the best available today, but this had to be conveyed through pictures. The images had to be both mouth watering and extremely tempting, so we decided to shoot and edit in a way to create a three dimensional feel to the images. They would Pop and look really real.
As the theme of their website is all white, everything has been shot on white background with a minimum 2 light setup, usually 3 and sometimes even 4 light setup.

This is the basic light setup used. More about the lighting setup in a future post with BTS pictures.

Here are some more examples of the products on white and a couple closeups.

My favorite is the Belgian truffle cake, whereas my wife loves the Mocha tower, do give them a try if you get a chance.
For more details you can check out their website www.dangeedums.com or visit one of their retail outlets in and around Ahmedabad.