There are times when you just want the world to slow down and you can play with light. When shooting products, I like to do just that.

Turn on the studio lights with modeling lamps and turn of the ambient or artificial lights.

Now you play, different modifiers, move the lights around, shoot, tweak something, shoot, repeat, until you get the shot you desire in camera. A little post processing does no harm. But the sheer joy, the release of dopamine and endorphine in the brain when you nail that shot, the dance of shadows and highlights beautifully complimenting each other. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Anyway enough chit chat. Here are some of the final images on black along with a behind the scenes shot of what went into making these come to life.

These products are from the company Permagard India, to get your car shining like new and also disinfected. Try them out.

Lighting Setup

I used a 3 light setup (Elinchrom FRX 400) with 2 softboxes (I added extra diffusion cloth in front to soften the light). Used black cinefoil to convert them to strip boxes. The 3rd light with a reflector and barn door used to light the center of the product.

Hope the behind the scenes shot helps you understand how you too can achieve the same results.