If you haven’t seen it yet, this is something I am really proud of – this Coolberg commercial.

I’ve had the visuals for this ad in my head for a long time, I was able to put it down on paper but the execution was missing. Some of it was equipment related, and some of it was self-confidence related. Yes, there are times when you doubt, whether you can pull off an idea or not. Me being the person I am I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I was able to record what I saw in my head perfectly. That made things even more difficult, self-doubt, and procrastination creeps in, and voices in the head say “you can’t do it”.

Then as deadlines approach, fear kicks in and the brain switches to overdrive, and one after the other, the shots are recorded to perfection. Minor tweaks here and there, and done. The equipment does not fail, your friends @ravimistry @foram and wife @mkavesh chip in and we have a masterpiece after a few hours of editing and colour grading.

This wasn’t the first time, I doubted myself, and it won’t be the last, the aim is to just keep doing it no matter what.