We all started photography by taking pictures in the street of strangers and as time goes by, we become self-conscious and doubtful about the process and move away from that. Joel takes us back to the streets and shows us what we miss photographing what no one else sees in that split second. Moments, glimpses, characters, light, details, emotions, etc. 

Doing all of this while being completely invisible yourself. His masterclass takes us back to photography’s roots, encouraging us to imagine, get out of our comfort zone, take in the culture and capture it all without being shy or intimidated. The worst that can happen is that the subject says “Hey what are you doing?”, and your response “Flatter them till they can say no more”. You’ll need to watch the series to understand what I’m talking about.

His voice is so calming and reassuring, makes you wanna go out and shoot right now. Be brave. 

I really enjoyed the episode about observation and Light becoming your subject. Make light your subject. Photography- engraved by light.

This is a must-watch at some time in your photography journey.

You can get his masterclass from the Masters of Photography website.