Starting off really early morning, 5:30 am up and ready by 6. Asad and dolly arrive before 6, surprising both Harry and Karan, who were still getting ready. Prepared sandwiches, cold drinks, and a lot of snacks that dolly brought.
All set, locked and loaded in the Merc C 250 D, we leave at 7:30. Listening to the latest tunes from the last 6 months. Dolly, Asad n Karan playing scrabble on the iPad, while Harry’s driving and I am navigating and Dj’ ing.


A couple of breaks later, driver changes between Harry n Karan and a beautiful, so beautiful drive, we reach ‘Stackpole’ – our destination is ‘Barafundle Bay’.


We park the car in Stackpole and walk about 1 mile to the bay, beautiful sandy beach with very few people, most of them local and very nice. Almost everyone we passed smiled and said ‘hello’. Quite different from London :P

View from Stackpole

The water – crystal clear, not too salty but Freeeeeeeezzzzzzziiinnnngggggg cold. I can’t wait so go right into the water and swim until I can’t feel my feet anymore (ie: a couple of minutes). Karan and Asad wet their feet. Next Harry and Dolly go in and are out after a couple of minutes. We lay down on the sand, sunbathing and getting warm. The trip was already worth coming here.

The gang


Round 2 – everyone is in the water, playing, splashing and getting drenched. Another 2 minute swim and we are out. We get changed and set of to explore the rest off the coast.

We walked another couple of miles to a cliff that seemed like the western edge of UK, where the ocean hits the coast. Breathtaking beauty, we sit and listen.

The peaceful sounds of a timeless war between water and rocks takes you on a self exploring journey. The wind whispering past, present and future…

The end

It was an experience, that no words can describe. Time to head back. All of us thinking, we need to do this again someday.

Harry drove all the way back home, the journey filled with jokes, and some more games that Dolly made up ;)

Dinner at a nice restaurant ‘Mantra’ in London, good food. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thanx everyone for this beautiful day.