It was one of those days in London when you have no idea, whether it will rain or not. You can only hope it won’t.

Sachin and I had been planning this shoot for almost 2 weeks, ideas, concept, models and makeup artist in the streets of London. We met up with our makeup artist Kasia and 2 models Neil and Narisa and headed towards our secret location ;) near Liverpool street station.

Everything was perfect except the weather was a bit dodgy in the beginning and the fact that 1 of our models decided not to come. I really don’t know why do people sign up, if they don’t want to turn up. Any advice on how to avoid this ??

Kasia came to the rescue and managed to get 2 more models for us last minute. Will add their images in the next post.

Gull our 3rd model arrived and we shot away, trying different lighting setups, locations and angles.

Below are my favorite from the first 3 models