A while back I came across a fascinating insight that struck a chord with me: “to truly unwind after a day filled with work and effort, the best way is to dive into the realm of ‘fiction'”. Surprisingly, I had neglected this practice for a while, constantly immersing myself in books about productivity, online tutorials, and skillshare or learning a new software. I was so wrong.

By constantly bombarding my brain with information, I denied it the chance to wander and relax. I needed to give my mind a break and indulge in the lightness of fiction, allowing it to be transported on an imaginative journey.

So, I made a change. I set aside a specific time, like an hour before bed, to engage in the art of light reading. I let the words on the pages usher my brain into a state of non-activity, surrendering control to the book’s captivating narrative. The result was astounding. I found myself unable to put down a good book, the desire to continue the adventure on the imagination train becoming irresistible. Over time, this practice became a habit, and I discovered how it positively impacted my creativity, problem-solving abilities, and focus the following morning. It wasn’t an instant transformation, as the brain also needed time to adjust, but within a few days, the difference became evident. And the feeling of satisfaction was truly rewarding.

Speaking of books, I recently finished an enthralling fiction called “Tripwire” by Lee Child. Although it’s an older book, it’s definitely worth a read. I highly recommend it.

Additionally, I also completed the third book in Austin Kleon’s series, “Keep Going.” To fully appreciate this one, I suggest reading the preceding two books first, as Kleon delves into building upon the ideas presented earlier. It’s an insightful and inspiring read that keeps the creative flame burning.

This is a book that offers guidance and encouragement to individuals seeking to sustain their creativity and overcome obstacles in their creative journey. Kleon emphasizes the importance of perseverance, resilience, and consistent practice. He explores strategies to combat creative blocks, self-doubt, and burnout, highlighting the value of curiosity, playfulness, and experimentation. The book encourages readers to focus on the process rather than the end result, emphasizing the significance of showing up and doing the work. Kleon also emphasizes the importance of finding inspiration, cultivating a supportive network, and sharing one’s work. Overall, “Keep Going” serves as a motivational and practical guide to help individuals navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the creative process, reminding them to stay dedicated, embrace their creativity, and continue moving forward.