We live in a digital age and all our photo memories are either stored on our phones or on our hard drives. How often do we go through them after clicking or sharing them on social media? Personally, not often.
That is why I like printing, at least, my favourite images. I’ve been using a calibrated monitor to edit my images since 2005, however, our phones and cameras have improved tremendously since then and they don’t require much post-processing. You can send your images to a ‘good’ printer and they will take care of the rest.
I say ‘good’ because there are so many bad ones out there, especially if you want to print larger images or canvas prints. I have tried several printers in Ahmedabad and have never been satisfied until I tried Zoomin. If you have heard of them and used them, you know exactly what I am taking about.
If you haven’t here is my experience with them over the past few years and I haven’t switched since.
I have 3 massive canvas prints hanging in my house, since 2013. These were delivered ready to hang and mounted beautifully on a wooden frame. Here are some pictures of them today, flawless and colour accurate even after 4 years.


Since then I have printed several canvases and photo prints from Zoomin and have never been disappointed. The same goes for my clients, I always recommend that they print at Zoomin and I am yet to hear an unhappy client.
My most recent experience was the Metal prints which are gorgeous, they just glow and look almost 3D. I just wish they would make a larger size for these.



Coupon code 'DRRAVEPROMO'

The folks at Zoomin were kind enough to provide a Discount coupon code for those of you reading this post. Simply Apply coupon code ‘DRRAVEPROMO’ during checkout to get flat 25% discount on all products at Zoomin.com


If you do use the code to print your favorite images, do post an image in the comments below. I would love to take a look.

My next printing project is making a mosaic with several of these metal prints to create a collage. Stay tuned.

Offer T & C : Apply coupon code ‘DRRAVEPROMO’ during checkout to get flat 25% discount on all products on zoomin.com and the Zoomin App. Coupon code will be valid until December 31, 2017. Offer cannot be combined with other ongoing promos on Zoomin. Shipping charges and taxes applicable on all orders. Local order over Rs.500 ships free.