With my extremely busy schedule, I was able to squeeze in today’s Toddler photoshoot for my lovely friends Amit and Pooja, and their little hero Vihaan.

Decided to do this in their garden, outdoors, sometime before sunset to capture beautiful setting sun and those wonderful flares. It is not easy to shoot little kids running around everywhere outdoors. In studio, you can use a chair but outdoors you need something suitable and less conspicuous. We used some balloons and his tricycle to reduce the motion. We tried some bubbles, but that didn’t work on Vihaan. Over all it was a fun shoot and the parents got some wonderful images. The best thing about shooting right before sunset is that the light is so beautiful, you need not do much in Photoshop afterwords.

I used the 50mm 1.8 and the 70-200 f4 (zoomed to 200m) lens for the nice bokeh effect. The cover image was captured using a technique called “Freelensing”, and I love the random effects that you can achieve using this method. Try it. Not much was done in PS, just some colour and exposure correction. Enjoy