Stop motion Diwali greeting short film

Stop motion animation has always fascinated me, so this Diwali, we decided to create a stop motion Diwali greeting for 2016. We used a software called Dragonframe which made life easy. I am sure without the software and its previews we could not have achieved this result. RAW images were exported from dragonframe and into After effects where sound effects were added.

We used clay, paper drawings, marbles, toothipicks, coins, toffees, mentos and other little trinkets. I think the end result is pretty slick.

Pre-production took about 4 hours, shooting took another 4 hours and finally post production took 2 hours. Not bad for 10 hours of work.

This could not have been possible without the help of Priyesh Balakrishna and of course my wife Maryam.

Here is our storyboard for this little film

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