A week since I came back to India, we head off to Mount Abu for the weekend to meet my dad. Our passengers included Uncle, Aunty, Annu, Mingo and me.

Uncle, Aunty & Annu

It’s rainy season here and the 4.5 hour drive was just beautiful, lush rich green fauna. It’s been ages since it’s rained so much Gujarat and Rajasthan. On the drive up the hills towards Mount Abu, it started raining heavily and people going there stopped on the way wherever mini waterfalls had formed.

At the hotel (new website live now), met with dad and new members of the family – Lucy and 1 month old ‘Chirkut’ (meaning little tiny one).

They say he is a German shepherd, so I guess he is not going to be tiny for long ;)



Took several pictures of these cuties over the next 2 days.

Lucy and Mingo

That's my bed !!!

Later that day, we set off to Achalgarh – famous for its 15th century fort, Jain temples and 9th century temple that was built around the ‘toe print’ of Lord Shiva. Other attractions here are a 4 ton Nandi (statue of Shiva’s bull), a beautiful lake with several statues, a pit that is said to reach to the netherworld, a natural Shivalinga and several stories behind each of these.

Temple Achalgarh

Local kid that told us the stories



On the way

The fort

Morning walk

Next morning we went for dad’s usual walk in the hills, what a beautiful morning. The rainy season makes the forest come alive and everywhere you look is a beautiful picture to shoot at and admire.

Mt Plumy

'Chirkut' the German shepherd

I did my schooling in mount abu, so i know the area really well and have fond memories of the place. If you ever have the chance to visit abu, make sure you go around with someone who will take you to places, like – tiger’s path, plumy, flaggy, golden horn, diving board, the list goes on and on ;)

Coming soon – more pictures from my next visit…

take care