If there was a scale of naughtiness, then Reyansh, the toddler would be way up the charts. His father Bhagyesh tells me that his school has two words to describe him – Naughtiest and Smartest, which in my opinion are the two best characteristics in a kid.

So for a photoshoot, how do you keep a naughty little toddler still for 5 minutes? First, you offer him something as a reward, treats work wonders. If that fails, make him sit or stand on a stool with nowhere to go. Finally if nothing works, give him the remote trigger for your camera or car in this case.

Even with all the running around, noise and chasing we were able to get some wonderful shots for the parents. Here are few of my favourite from Reyansh the toddler and a couple of his little sister. This toddler photoshoot was fun !

For those interested in the lighting setup, this was a simple setup using 3 lights- 2 elinchroms with 24″ softboxes to light the background and one huge Elinchrom octa 175 on the model left. The difference between the background and model was 2 f-stops, to achieve an almost perfect white background. To achieve a nice white floor, I use white acrylic sheet which provides a nice bounce of light as a bonus.