On 28th April, we were invited to witness the Curtain raiser Mangalam for Rasadhwani’s silver jubilee this year with performances by Vaibhav Arekar, Shivangee Vikram, Manjari Chandrashekhar, Maulik Shah and Ishira Parikh. All three acts were unique, traditional and yet very entertaining. Hats off to Rasadhwani and their team.

The venue was Tagore Hall in Ahmedabad, media coverage was by Doordarshan. The stage was very well lit and the sound was crisp. No doubt the performances were out of this world. We really enjoyed all the performances and appreciate the hard work put into such classical performances.

I took my camera along just in-case and I was glad that I did. I experimented with some mutiple exposure on the 5D MK III, in which I could shoot a burst of images to create a single multiple exposure shot, or I could shoot a series at different time points and the camera would create a multiple exposure image by combining the images. The method used for combining the images in camera was ‘Additive’. For some of the shots I even partially cover the lens with my hand hiding 1 character, while the other character moves. Really happy with the results and really enjoyed the show.