You’ve seen the posters, placards and hoardings around town. Your facebook timeline was full of the images and slogans from the member’s power panel.  Here is a look at the photoshoot for the Member’s power panel for Rajpath club.

Congrats to the Power panel on their huge Win!!!!

This is the quickest big shoot that I had to plan. I received a call in the morning from marketing company Identix to do a power shoot for a team of 30-40 people. Shoot time and date – that same evening. What? After a couple of phone calls, we were all set and rady to go. All images were to be shot on white with the power members wearing white without the need for editing and in camera. Problem, nah! If you create enough distance between the subject and background, you can create a nice white background in camera. Here are some of the images from that day and below more details on how I achieved these results. These images have been processed from my blog post ;)

Lighting setup – 2 elinchrom 400 on either side of the background with a 24″ softbox. The background light was 3 stops higher than my main light which was a huge octa 175 on a boom, camera right at 45  degree angle from above, to create a nice wrap around light. That was an elinchrom 400 as well. I added one more elinchrom 400 with a large strip box, camera left behind the subject to create a nice highlighted separation. Finally a silver reflector on a boom right in front of them, below their waist line, to push some light up into the face and create a nice catch-light.