If you’re like me and over 40, this podcast is something you will enjoy. I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferriss’s show and the guests he brings on his podcast for a while now.

This one hit home, as I’ve lived half my life now and need to plan the rest of it, remaining healthy and wise :)

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In this episode, Tim interviews Dr Peter Attia, who using science and common sense breaks down what we need to focus on to stay healthy. The sooner we begin the better. The comparison of Pharmaceuticals vs nutrients, proteins VO2 max and Glucose monitoring. Back in the day, I did my thesis on glucose monitoring and its importance. Today using the knowledge folks like Peter have a whole program and even a book, on how to use these to make little tweaks and improve your health and increase your lifespan, and most importantly, delay the onset of chronic diseases, such as Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer and heart diseases.

Disclaimer: I have not read the book yet, but plan to.

The podcast is a great listen with a ton of information. It might be overwhelming at times if you’re not a medical person, but it is so worth it.