Most of the times when not shooting Hero shots, we are asked to shoot products on white, provide PNGs, images with shadows or reflections.

My favorite are the ones with a reflection. There is something special about these images that make them stand out on a website or an ad, even on a platform like Amazon. The secret to a good reflection shot is to capture it in camera. I use a white plexiglass, the glossy ones. These are available in local sign board stores or even online. You do not need much for a shot of a small product 2ftx2ft is what I am using.

Lighting setup was simple too, stripbox on either side (I used the cheap softboxes with cinefoil similar to this setup), diffused through a second diffusion material and one light on the background. I added a couple of thin strips of black cinefoil to create a darker edge for some of the products.

Lighting setup