After Anirudh’s, Sophie’s and Aarav’s baby shoots, its been a while since I did another one of these. 2 weeks ago my childhood friends Aditya and Nidhi were blessed with a beautiful baby girl ‘Naira’. Lovely name isn’t it? Congrats again to both of you.

Little Naira had an upset tummy, so we could not force her to sleep and model for more than these 3-4 poses. Hope to get a chance to shoot with her again soon. This is for you baby Naira.

Lighting setup: The lighting setup was pretty simple, 2 soft boxes, 1 camera right as the main light and 1 camera left as kicker. Shot on Canon 5D Mk III with a 50mm f1.8 II lens. The trick is to create a sweep with the background to give that beautiful soft feel to the image. Always remember safety is key when working with babies, especially newborns. Mom was just outside of the frame during the entire shoot. That’s it, a little post processing in PS and you have beautiful newborn images.