Mahir is a super cute little boy, 4.5 months old and just starting to explore his world and surroundings. 4.5 months can be a challenging age to shoot little ones, especially because they can hold their heads up and want to move around. The way we worked around this was to have him come to the studio during his nap time in the afternoon. This way I was able to capture a few safe shots, while he was sleeping at first, just in case. Followed by several more with change of clothes and sets, when he was awake.

He was adorable and a perfect model even when he was awake, no fuss, no running off the bean bag, just the way I like it. Again, to make things easier for him, this was very very quick shoot. Kids get tired of lights, staying in one place and changing of clothes. So this baby shoot only lasted 45 minutes with 3 different backgrounds and few changes. Mahir has an elder sister, so we got her in as well for some shots. Perfect memories for when they are much older.

Quick Tips

  • Shoot during babies nap time, and get your safe shots
  • Keep an eye on the temperature in the room, it should be comfortable for the baby, especially if the clothes are off
  • Keep a lot of squeaky noisy toys and ask one of the parent to make sounds using them in the direction you want the baby to look
  • If your camera angle is low, which most of the time, it should be, make sure no one is standing to distract the baby. Everything has to be at your level.
  • Make sure one parent is sitting right next to the baby at all times, you don’t want the baby rolling off the bean bag
  • Keep the shoot short and if the baby does get fussy, let him/her play a bit or let one of the parents calm things down before shooting again.
  • Remember if all else fails, you did grab your safe shots in the beginning.