I love it when kids get a chance to play and make things messy, the emotions captured are wonderful and fun memories. Khushi is a beautiful little happy baby, who somehow managed to sit in one place for this entire shoot. She just passed her 1 year mark, and her lovely parents wanted some cake smashed, so the planning began. I must say, I have never seen a better prepared parent, Khushi’s mom, Neha had thought of everything and really brought the set to life with all the props and styling.

Remember with kids, patience is key. At first, Khushi did not want to smash the cake but as time passes, and with a little help from daddy, things get interesting and fun. This was a quick fun little shoot. We did film a few video clips for the parents, nothing fancy, just behind the scenes stuff and Khushi smashing the cake.

Quick tips

  • Discuss what look/ideas the parents have in mind, and try to get inspiration from them
  • Search Pinterest and create shared boards, there are tons of beautiful ideas out there
  • Co-ordinate who will do what, and what to bring for the shoot
  • Make sure everything is ready before the baby arrives
  • Bring the babies favourite toy, squeaky toys work well
  • Cake – The more cream the better
  • Keep a lot of tissues/towels to clean up quickly