This month my favorite Davinci Resolve videos on Youtube were from Cullen Kelly. Cullen is a professional colorist and really knows his stuff. If you haven’t seen his videos, I highly recommend you do so. They are packed with a ton of information.

Basic Creative Look Development in DaVinci Resolve Pt. 1

Basic Look Creation in DaVinci Resolve pt. 2

Cullen talked about Basic Look Design in this 2 part series, how to go about setting up a look at the begining of the grade and what points to focus on even before you start clip by clip adjustments. I absolutly agree with this techniques, because having a vision of the project (the Look) is extremely important before you make that first exposure or balance change on the clip.

Always start out on a Macro level when working with color grading and then drill down to the micro if needed. Many times, micro won’t even be needed. Enjoy.