Since the images are now public and on Billboards, mini-billboards around Ahmedabad, I can now show you some BTS and results of our fun Cake face photoshoot.

Hats off to the Dangee Dums team for organising, location, models and of course the cakes. We had more than 40 cakes and several bowls of cream to destroy. And yes, it was fun.

The images needed to be on white background, so I used 2 lights on the background, 1 Octa as main and 1 soft box as the fill. lighting-diagram-1404904982

[color-box]Setting – Canon 5D MKIII, Shutter speed 1/125 (to keep up with Elinchrom sync speed), Aperture F 8.0 for sharp detail. I used a Canon 50mm F1.8 II and  a Canon 70-200 f4L IS for this shoot.[/color-box]

The shoot was divided in 2 parts, kids and adults. We shot the kids in the morning and grown-ups in the evening, to take advantage of the cooler weather at these times.

To keep the location clean, we taped several sheets of white plastic o the floor, this was replaced for the evening shoot.

Kids – can be difficult to control in such a shoot, but we wanted some action as well as some cake face shots for the ad campaign. Since kids don’t hold back any emotions, they had a blast throwing cake on each other and the audience. Of course they kept running of the stage, so we brought them in again and…1…2…3…go! It was a lot of fun.

Grown-ups – Later in the evening, we shot the grown-ups, who at first were a little hesitant, but in a short while turned into little kids. Grown-ups were much easier to shoot, coach and finesse.

Ok, enough rambling, here are the final results. You can see them LIVE all along IIM-road on mini-billboards near Panjarapole, Ahmedabad.