If you’re into Cosplay and comic books in India, I’m sure you would have heard about Scythe’s SkunkWorks aka Surya. Surya is a childhood friend/brother. We were both together in boarding school for 6 years from class V to X. Those wonderful years as best friends sealed our brotherhood for life.

The reason why he is so famous is that he can build any costume, prop and weapon you can think of. You can see his passion for this art when he spends 4 hours with sand paper perfecting the edge of a wooden blade. All across the country folks call him Senpai, and he is usually wearing one of the most detailed costumes at a cosplay in India.

I know this firsthand how difficult it is to get the right material to build something in India compared to any western country, yet Surya has managed to make beautiful pieces of art from his studio in Mumbai.

Surya came to town to help me paint our new place and brought one of his costumes along. Enough said, here is:

Surya as Samurai Vader


If you like comic books, I do recommend visiting at least once, a Cosplay’s around you. They are really good fun.