Every Christmas and new year, we hope to get our pictures taken and usually shoot selfies “family photoshoot”. This year was different, we were now three in our little family and we really wanted to do a family portrait session. We discussed this with fellow photographers from LilPortraits, Peach and Pravin and they were game for a barter. Super cool Christmas card for this year, Yay!

So a few days before Christmas, we went down to a local park and shot two family sessions, they shot ours and we shot theirs. Best barter ever. Back in the office, and after some post-processing magic here are the final results of the photoshoots.

First Peach, Pravin, Dev and Naomi and then our Christmas card video, image shot by Peach.

Being a photographer, you rarely get your pictures taken especially with your own family. So if you’re ever in a fix, ask your colleague and do a barter shoot. We loved the results from our photoshoot. Thanks LilPortraits for this wonderful memory.