CEPT is known for its remarkable students after they pass out from the university. This time however, it was the students that did something remarkable and not inside the campus grounds.

2nd year students under the guidance of Sakthivel Ramaswamy, created an experimental structure, which was not only unique in its design and construction but it also catered to the visually impaired. The structure was lit on one end and had a cafetiere with tables and chairs on the other. Through touch you could feel fishes and flowers along the front lit end of the CEPT installation.

I was lucky to be asked to shoot this CEPT installation at the GCP business centre, near Vijay char rasta. But my client being CEPT, didn’t want the images to be usual. I visited the location a few times at different times during the day and decided to shoot before and after sunset, when the structure really glowed.


A composite of several images and exposures to create one final image in photoshop. Do not mistake this for HDR. It is a composting technique I learnt from Mike Kelley, where you take several images, sometimes more than 50. Each image is lit separately by a flash or strobe. Combined together in photoshop using masks and layers to create the final composite image.

Wonderful technique but extremely time consuming. The results are the most accurate representation of what the eyes can perceive. Some more examples of this technique can be seen here. 

Final Images of CEPT Installation photoshoot

This post has been overdue for almost a year. The shoot was done last year.