We’ve been extremely busy the last few months travelling, but we were able to squeeze in a nice Saree photoshoot for the folks at Aagman. We had 3 days and needed a profssional model, the blouse to be stiched to her size and finalise the look and poses we wanted. Hats of to Shounal and Arpita from Aagman for organising this shoot without even a hitch.

My design partner for this saree photoshoot was Identix design and as usual Kamal and his team did a fanatastic job with the kiosks and ads across town.

The model Namrata flew in from Mumbai and made my life easier as she knew how to pose and show off the sarees. Highly recommend her.

There was a surprise model for one of the images, Shiva from Iran was visiting us and decided to pose, the shot came out amazing.

We also had a make-up artist and hair stylist for this saree photoshoot, who did a great job too.

Behind the scenes, Kanish Modi was taking pictures and video, here is a quick BTS video of that day.

Once again thanks to everyone who made this possible.

If you haven’t seen the images across Ahmedabad, look around bus stops and kiosks on the divider of the road.