I recently got the moza air 2 and wanted to take it for a spin and try everything out. Initially had a few issues with the Canon 80D not connecting via the mini usb cable, but after speaking to customer support, solved that quickly. The cable was a bit wobbly, pinched the usb, job done.

I also tried going wireless via the canon live view app on the iPhone 5 attached to the moza, but couldn’t see the screen outdoors. Will need to work on that a bit more, but that was the best way I found rather than relying on the camera screen, especially for overhead shots and under slung shots. Edit – Used the iPhone XR and thet worked beautifully. I’ll share pictures of my Diy setup soon.

Other than that the moza is a beast with tons of features and can easily replace a dolly, heavy gimbals and even a jib. Heavy on the hands so get those dumbells out if you’re planning to shoot a lot of videos. I did use warp stabiliser on a couple of the clips, but for the most part it was without any post stabilisation.

Take a look…cheesy, I know, I need to work on keeping my hands steady, I know. This was my first attempt.

Link to Moza Air 2