A little late, but here’s a quick look at Adi n Nidhi’s 6 day wedding. I shot only the first 4 days.

1. Cocktail party – 8pm onwards



I set up a 3 strobes at the entrance, 1 main with a softbox. 2 others as rim light hidden in the bushes. Triggered them via skyport and triggered the camera using a cheap chinese wireless trigger. Pre-focused and ready to go.

2. Engagement – ring ceremony

All shot with available light, switched lenses between the 100mm and 70-200 mm.


3. Mehndi

Once again all natural light, 70-200 and 24-105.


4. Sangeet

I had exclusive rights to shoot the bride in her room before the function, so was extremely happy about that. Got some good shots too.




I didn’t cover the rest of the functions as I wanted to be part of the wedding too and there were professionals who were hired to do the job.



God bless Adi n Nidhi, wish you the very best in life…