1. Angles

When taking photos, it’s important to think about the angle you’re shooting from. Instead of just taking the first photo that comes to mind, take 10-20 extra seconds to think about a more interesting angle to shoot from. This could mean shooting from the side, above, or lower angle. Taking photos from a new angle can make your photos look much better.

2. Shoot Through Something

Another way to make your photos stand out is to shoot through something in front of the lens. This could be a tree branch, grass, a window, a handle, or a sheer curtain. When you shoot through an object, it adds extra interest to the photo and can make the subject stand out even more.

3. Think Opposite

Instead of taking photos in the same way as everyone else, try to think of a new and creative way to take the photo. For example, if everyone is taking a photo of a statue (object) from the front, try taking a photo from the back or from the side. This will make your photos stand out and look more unique. Drone aerial shots are an amazing example of this, especially the top down shots on landscapes.

4. Lighting

Lighting is very important when taking photos. If your photos are not well-lit, they won’t look as good. To make your photos look better, try to take them in natural light, like near a window or during golden hour. This will make the light in your photos look softer and more natural. You don’t need the best camera to get amazing shots. With good lighting, your phone can take fantastic pictures.

5. Wait for the Right Light

If you can’t take photos in good lighting, it’s best to wait until you can. If it’s dark outside, you may need to wait until the next day or until golden hour to take the photo. If the lighting in a room is bad, try to find a different place with better lighting or wait until you can take the photo in better lighting. Waiting for the right light will make your photos look much better. Remmber with photography, lighting is key.