I love referrals, it is my favorite means of flattery. Gauri got in touch with me to take some memorable pictures of their little baby boy who is just 2 months old. This is a difficult age to shoot, as babies decide to sleep less and stay awake longer and have odd times to do the same.

The plan, feed the baby till he is knocked out and take some awesome pictures while he is asleep and then some more pictures when he is awake. This was a fun shoot, with Priyesh assisting me and Gauri with her husband, and their two other kids modelling.

1 1/2 hour, 3 sets, boom boom boom! Baby is happy, mom is happy and we are happy. Whenever you plan such a shoot remember to have as many set-ups ready . Baby waits for no one and can become tired or cranky at any time. So time is crucial, and if you have the sets ready, you can shoot quicker and give the parents more options of pictures.

Lighting was pretty simple, I used my Elinchrom octa 170cm to create the soft light I needed as main light, and a strip box as fill. Background was lit with the basic softbox from Elinchrom. That’s it.

Once again, some of my favourites of the day…