My good friends, Raina and Sahil,asked me to do a quick little baby photoshoot of their 1 month baby. He is adorable! I had a few poses in mind that I wanted to capture and loads of close ups. Unfortunately  he was a little cranky on the day of the shoot, so we had to work around his schedule.

The idea is to let the baby relax, have a tummy full and fall asleep, followed by several cute poses. Our little hero decided to relax, have several tummy fulls but didn’t sleep. He’s gonna be a naughty one, for sure.

Plan B – eyes wide open baby shoot. We did achieve quite a few poses and closeups. I was really happy with the final images considering our model didn’t sleep. His big eyes are beautiful and they are just getting their actual colour. Ok, enough talk, here are few of my favourites…

2016-11-06T17:49:34+00:00February 26th, 2016|Comments Off on 1 MONTH BABY PHOTOSHOOT – RAINA & SAHIL

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